Life with two Smalls and a fistful of daydreams

j5It was the last day of the Christmas holidays today so Tori, Arthur & I headed out for lunch whilst Caius went to rescue Felix (the glow-plugs didn’t fix him and he got stranded at my parents’ yesterday). The Smalls took their new scooters out with them and Tori was quite proficient by the end of it – Arthur wasn’t quite so sure though and I ended up carrying his most of the way whilst he walked.

j6One of the things on my Day Zero list is to finish the first draft of my novel ‘Faerie or No’ so today I headed to the library whilst the Smalls were at school and tried to get myself back into the swing of it.

j7After school today, Tori was desperate to get one of her Christmas presents out and get creative with the Play-Doh in it. It was a nice quiet way to calm her down after school.

j8Yesterday, Tori managed to scratch Arthur’s nose and today in the back of the car on the school run Arthur scratched the scab off it and poured blood all over the place. We cleaned him up and applied the appropriate first aid – Butterfly Plaster anyone?

j9We are having a film & dinner night with Liberty & her boyfriend tonight so the front room has had a bit of a tidy up. The Smalls are getting quite a collection of Cars cars now!

j10Last night was great – the food all turned out well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We watched possibly the worst werewolf adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood in the history of ever but it was a good giggle. The only down side was having to face this when I woke up with a bit of a fuzzy head from the bubbles we drank.

j11I had a bit of a bad day today – it started with a baking disaster and went downhill from there. However, Tori did make me smile when she decided this ball of bubble wrap was a snail.

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Comments on: "365 Project 2014, Week 2" (11)

  1. Love the plaster, hope it’s ok now. We’ve been going scooter mad here too #365

  2. jennypaulin said:

    your son has such a handsome face – those brown eyes are gorgeous! we have had lots of play dough fun here this week too, i love it but oh what a mess afterwards! I really like the cars lined up – such a cool photo x

  3. Looks a bit like our collection of cars! :)

  4. Aww Tori is so sweet! Her ‘snail’ looks good too! ;) Hope tomorrow is better! #Project365

  5. I bet those new scooters are popular

  6. Cute plaster & love the bubble wrap one too

  7. That scooter looks brilliant. We’ve just got one for our toddler – only had it’s first outing today though! Love Tori’s bubble wrap snail :)

  8. you cant beat bubble wrap!! i do hope your day improves tomorrow honey x

  9. aww poorly nose. Love the plaster though, hope the nose is better

  10. Love the plaster with those gorgeous eyes!

  11. That photo of Tori is amazing, she’s such a beautiful girl! Poor little Artie’s nose, hope it wasn’t too bad.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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