Life with two Smalls and a fistful of daydreams

j12It was my Dad’s birthday last week so today we had a belated Birthday day – it kicked off with cooked breakfast before church, rounded off with dinner and cake and in between we went to Grindley Brook Staircase Locks for an adventure. The locks had been drained for repairs and services and you could go down into them for a tour to see what lurks beneath. Usually these ladders disappear into the murky depths but today I was standing at the bottom!!

j13Nothing makes me feel more like a grown up than the days I find myself cheerful for the singular reason that the sun is out and I have washing to dry…

j14Artie has started attending Pre-school for two mornings a week instead of just one and I quite enjoy it when we get to walk home together. We didn’t quite make it today though because Artie was so sleepy he almost fell asleep walking so we begged a lift off Caius after a while (it’s along way home for short legs!)

j15Arthur rediscovered my guitar today and it kept him entertained for almost half an hour. He was very adorable saying things like ‘I love your bitar, Mummy!’ and ‘Bitar’s make pretty noises, listen Mummy!’

j16Tori and Arthur both got paint-your-own money boxes for Christmas and today we remembered to get them out and decorate them. Tori had fun experimenting at mixing her own colours whilst Arthur layered the paint on so thick he almost obscured all of the embossed features!

j17Last night I dyed my hair and it went very wrong. It took 3 lots and it still looked like an accident in a Tango factory at the end so today I decided to throw on one last batch of dye to try and fix it and HOORAY! It worked! Now I am very bright and I love it :)

j18We had a busy day today fighting with the housework – we even moved the sofa and rescued all the random stuff from under there! This meant that once the kids were in bed there was only one thing left to do – order a Chinese :)

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Comments on: "365 Project 2014, Week 3" (9)

  1. jennypaulin said:

    love your red hair – very daring of you! your son is so cute and i love the pic of him playing guitair x

  2. Brave move with the hair but it looks fab!

  3. bitar!! i love it .. dont you just love the words they come up with xx

  4. Brilliant photos! I love the perspective of the pics!

  5. emmysmummy said:

    I can’t wait to get the washing outside again and loving your hair colour.

  6. emmysmummy said:

    I can’t wait to get my washing outside and I’m loving the hair.

  7. That is bright! Love the pictures of your littles especially with the guitar. #365

  8. Some really cool photos taken from great angles.

  9. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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