Life with two Smalls and a fistful of daydreams

m68We finally got around to having pancakes this evening – only a bit late!

m69With Felix out of action we have been walking to school in the morning – it is so much nicer when the sun is shining and the flowers are out!

m70Our walks home are soundtracked by the spring time songs of all the birds hopping around trying to get amorous with each other. This time of year always makes me think of Friend Owl explaining everyone being ‘Twitterpated’ to Bambi, Flower & Thumper.

m71We go Felix back yesterday afternoon but Arthur didn’t realise until we left the house this morning and the first thing he did was squeal ‘FELIX’ and run over to give him a hug!

m72From one extreme to another – the last few days have been blindingly sunny and today was blindingly foggy. Much less pleasant walking to school in this, I can tell you.

m78Arthur and I were so glad to see the sun burn through the mist and fog this afternoon that we headed to the park before collecting Tori from school.

m79My parents and big sister came over today and we all headed to the Nature Reserve for a walk. Caius went exploring and got himself stuck in the mud – so of course we all stood and laughed and took photographs whilst he flailed around. He got himself out in the end, via some nettles.

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Comments on: "365 Project 2014, Week 11" (12)

  1. sarahmo3w said:

    Gorgeous photos! Love the pancakes and the daffodils :)

  2. Wow that looks like deep mud! And you captured the contrast of the weather with the bright colour of the daffodil and then the greys of the fog.

  3. Great mist shot with those cropped trees. It was so cold that day too.

  4. That nature reserve walk looks like a great adventure

  5. is it wrong that i smirked at him trying to get out the mud? xx

  6. So that last picture cheered me up on an otherwise mundane Tuesday afternoon! Great pics :)

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