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Discovering Snow

Tori saw a bit of snow last year, but at just 5 months old she didn’t really get to experience it for herself. Just watch her mad mother out in Nannan’s back garden making a snow-turtle and wonder why everyone else was laughing (I have a mental age of about 6 when it snows…).

This year however she is up on her feet and therefore I was able to take her out to discover the snow for herself (very close up on occasion…)

Look, Mum! White stuff is falling out of the sky!!

It squeaks when you stomp in it!

I’ve got a cold bum now!


Can I eat it, Mum?

One thought on “Discovering Snow

  1. Hi Carole, What adorable pictures! I remember Dan’s first photos in the snow last year – it’s so gorgeous watching their little faces light up in wonder. Haven’t managed to get out yet with both of mine – I need a few more hands. I’ll have to wait until the next lot of snow as it has gone all horrible and sludgy now.


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