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Cake bakes cakes!

Tori is 18 months old and today I decided it was time we had our first baking session together, especially as her nickname in our household is ‘Cake’. I wimped out at bit and used a pre-mix set but that was partly because it was on offer in the shop. Still, it was Tori’s first time so simple was good.

Aside from the fact that we both have stained red fingers from the food colouring we added to the icing to make it pink, we came out unscathed and the cakes are pretty good too – even if they totally aren’t Postman Pat ones any more because Tori ate the Postman Pat decoration things whilst the cupcakes were baking…luckily Mummy had a stash of sprinkles to improvise with.

So without further ado, I will let the pictures do the talking (excuse my rushed photoshopping…):




Look Mummy! It went PINK!!!


Decorating time!
Look what I did!
And the all important Taste Test




Cake, anyone?

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