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Just us Three

I’ve been reminiscing today about the last 18 months. They have flown by. I went from care-free uni student to Mummy and it was brilliant (if a little stressful, sleep-deprived, confusing and many many other things). But soon it’s all going to change again and our bubble of three is going to be a bigger bubble of four. I am very excited about this, but also a little sad – it’s the end of an era after all.

So, here are a few little snaps of our little world as a threesome: Carole, Sy & Tori, Just us Three.


Hello Tori Kathryn!
Tori's first trip to church (4 days old)

First Christmas!
Christening Fun
Out with our Piglets!
Big girl!
Tori's first bowling trip!
On a steam train on our first family holiday 🙂
She loved it so much we went twice!
...and we were in Wales, so of course it was wet!
She's such a big girl now...

There you have it, an excerpt from Chapter One of our family’s journey. Roll on Chapter Two…

2 thoughts on “Just us Three

  1. I can’t wait for chapter two! I love how you have told your daughters’ story through photographs enabling me to share in all the wonderful ‘firsts’, it’s a really lovely post, let me know when the next chapter becomes live I want to keep up with Toris’ story!

  2. What a lovely post Carole. Yes indeed you are coming to the end of a very special chapter in your lives, and I totally get were you are coming from.

    But what an exciting time ahead for you all. I look forward to finding out all about your new arrival…let’s hope we don’t have much longer to wait!!

    Carole x

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