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The Things Kids Do

Smalls do the silliest of things and QWERTY Mum has set up an adorable little linky so that we can share some of the fun together. Just click on the button when you’re done here and have a hop around – there are plenty of giggles to be had!

Tori loves boxes. Tori loves Duplo. Tori particularly loves boxes of Duplo.

Ahem...Mummy quite likes Duplo too...

Mostly Tori likes to stand in them, try and sit in them and wear them on her head. The only issue being that she doesn’t always take the Duplo *out* of the box before she does any of the above. This has resulted on Duplo block shaped bruises on the soles of her feet/head/arms/legs on more than one occasion. And before you ask me why I don’t empty the box for her – I used to try. She just put the stuff back in, scowling at me the entire time, and then continued as before. I don’t bother now. If she wants to put Duplo on her head. Fine.

Tori standing in a shoebox full of Duplo at my Aunty's house. She remained there for almost an hour. Cue the first set of bruises...
She did eventually take the Duplo out but then continued to stand in the box...
This *did* have Duplo in it before she emptied it over her own head...

I have a daft child. I know. But hey, she’s cute 😉

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