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The Gallery: Togetherness

I could have picked a hundred different pictures for this week’s theme of ‘Togetherness’. Of me and Sy, of us with Tori, of me with my parents or siblings or friends or any number of combinations of the above. But when I sat down and started going through photos I suddenly realised that the one I wanted to use was this one:

I took it at the concert on Saturday which was in joint celebration of my Mum and her friend’s upcoming Big Birthday’s during one of the few moments where Tori sat down and was totally mesmerised by the choir, sitting quietly on the church pew and leaning on BabyBump. She has no idea what’s coming up in the next few weeks, that a new ‘Bay-Beee’ is going to appear on the scene and become an everyday part of life and yet there she was companionably leaning on her new sibling enjoying some quiet time.

There are going to be many pictures of Tori and BabyBump once the latter makes his/her arrival but I don’t have many of Tori and ‘Bump’ together now due to my horror of facing the camera when ’round’. I’m very glad I took this one picture though. It makes me go all warm and mushy when I look at it 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Gallery: Togetherness

  1. I’m sooooo jealous. Can’t have kiddies in a world where everyone seems to be having lots. My two sisters and niece and cousins and friends and friends of friends…. lol! Everyone. But I’m happy for them all – best of luck to you. Shah. X

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