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The Gallery: Simple Pleasures

So, yesterday (!) BabyBump decided to arrive, very swiftly. I went to bed, fell asleep and then, at about half twelve woke up with contractions already just 3 and a half minutes apart and quite strong. At 6.48am ‘BabyBump’ was born and Sy and I were overjoyed to welcome a very healthy little boy into the world. He was 7lb 8oz and we decided to call him Arthur Harry.

Tara’s theme of Simple Pleasures this week, for me, can be summed up by this: sitting with my baby in my arms, breathing in that baby smell, listening to them breathe as they sleep and watching them be completely at peace with the brand new world they have just discovered.

Daddy with Tori Kathryn (aged 3 days)
Me with Arthur Harry (about 2 hours old)



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14 thoughts on “The Gallery: Simple Pleasures

  1. Ahhhh massive congrats. Gorgeous. And what a quick delivery. You can expect lots of cuddles from a baby boy πŸ™‚

  2. The greatest pleasure of all! Beautiful post and HUGE congratulations to you all xxxx

  3. So lovely.

    Congrats on beautiful Arthur.

    Congrats on being home and blogging so soon!

    And Congrats for looking so fabulous 2 hours after birth!! xx

  4. I may or may not have a tear…*sniff*
    huge congratulations, he is gorgeous, and NOTHING is more precious than a brand spanking new baby. Well done you x

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