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Listography: When I Grow Up…

This week KateTake5’s listography is being guest-hosted over at Mañana, Mama and the theme is 5 Things I Want To Be When I Grow Up – This is a bit of a wishful thinking one, mostly because I don’t think I’m ever going to grow up. 5’4″ is my limit 😉 Plus if we’re meant to act our shoe size then I’m destined to fluctuate eternally between 4 and 5…I can live with that…



An Author

If I ever finish writing my novel/editing it/put it in a drawer and write a second (better) one, then you never know – I might actually manage this one.  JK Rowling/Stephanie Myer success (mad popularity, mediocre novel) would be nice – then I could stop worrying about having to be anything at all and just roll in my money pile…



Taste-Tester at Galaxy or Cadbury etc

Getting paid to scoff chocolate? Yes please!



Dog walker/Animal carer at a rescue centre

Heartache, love, bites, bruises, wet weather, cuddles, hard work, poo, snuffly kisses, muddy pawprints – I want it all.


(One of the beauties I walked at Bath Cats And Dogs Home when I was at uni and volunteered there. Hope he’s doing well in his forever home x)



A Wolf

Not a Twilighty super-wolf werewolf thing. Or a werewolf of any sort for that matter. Just a wolf. Somewhere like Yellowstone Park. So I can run through the snow after elk, feel the wind in my fur, hunt as a pack, curl up in a big fuzzy ball with the cubs and do general wolfy type things.

That would be awesome 🙂



A Zookeeper

I’d put aside my dislike for monkeys and everything if I could be a zookeeper. Well, I say ‘and everything’ – there’s not a chance in the world you’d get me cleaning out the locust enclosure…

9 thoughts on “Listography: When I Grow Up…

  1. Interesting…that is my photo up there. I am the zookeeper. You’re welcome! And it is the best job in the world, have been doing it for nearly 27 years.

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