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A is for Albion, Atari and Alphabetti Spaghetti!

Yesterday Sy & I had our first Alphabet Date and it was good fun, if a little daft 🙂

We started by going for lunch at the pub just round the corner, conveniently named The Albion. We picked a table, sat down and then had a chuckle at the ‘Random Fact’ on our Table Number – it was about the Alphabet!!

Now they are currently running on a mini menu in The Albion because they’ve only recently started doing food so there wasn’t anything starting with A that we could have but we did get Tori an Apple Fruit Shoot so she could join in the fun.

£25 bought us all a drink each, Sy & I 3 courses each (we had to have ‘Afters’…) and Tori a main meal – definitely good value!

Then we went home and whilst the Smalls had an Afternoon nap, Sy and I Investigated our extensive PS2 game collection and found some A games to play. You can’t beat the Atari Arcade classics (we have an Anthology, conveniently) and bombing round doing tricks on an ATV is always fun! (All of this done with the iPod set to random playing only artists beginning with A, I might add. We listened to a bizarre mixture including quite a bit of ABBA, AC/DC and Ace of Base.)

To finish off our date we had dinner – Alphabetti Spaghetti, Alphabet chips & chicken dippers followed by Dutch Apple Cake. Yum!

There wasn't a single flippin' Y in the whole packet of Alphabet chips so I had to raid the Alphabetti!!

(Thanks Liberty for the funky header! x)

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