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365 Project, Week #1 – Hands

For my first week of 365 Take Two I set myself the theme of hands.

I confess I did it because I thought it would be a nice easy one to ease myself in with and indeed I ended up with about 12 pictures on Monday because I got carried away and had to choose a favourite!


Monday involved a very ‘grown-up’ evening of port & cheese and burning of much wood with Caius, Liberty & her boyfriend. It was hilariously good fun even if the weather did try to quite literally flush us out of the garden – we were under a shelter with umbrellas and still getting wet but the fire didn’t go out so we stayed put stubbornly….whilst laughing ourselves to tears at the same time. Nothing quite beats good quality time with people you love – not even monsoons can dampen friendship even when they launch surprise strike attacks.


In a break from tradition I played snooker on Tuesday this week instead of Monday. I’m sure this change of day was nothing to do with it but I did better than usual, managing to beat Caius not once but TWICE in a row. That is probably all my Girl-Snooker-Skillz for the year used up now though…


I cooked a new recipe today for my parents and I to try – Baked pasta with mushrooms and home-made Italian sausage. Mixing the sausage meat mix was very therapeutic.


Artie has found his feet. Suddenly he isn’t my baby any more but a bold and bubbly toddler but, luckily, still a boy happy to snuggle up with Mummy and hold hands.


Today was EXCITING! I signed on the dotted line and got the keys to a new flat for me and the Smalls to move into. New town, new start. Very excited about what is to come but also very nervous.


Today was just made of amazing. I jumped on an early train to Leeds to help set up for possibly the most adorably epic surprise engagement party ever. It involved Phantom of the Opera, the most romantic video in history, a bouncy castle, pick n mix, plenty of drinks and a liberal amount of Jungle Speed (I am still nursing the wounds and bruises from the latter and the bouncy castle). Obviously she said yes and the ring is just beautiful!

Massive congratulations again Heather & Dom – I’m so very happy for you both xxxxxxxx


On our way home from yesterday we dropped in to go out for lunch with James and I made friends with Ginny his very adorable WoofWoof. If she had fitted in my pocket I possibly would have smuggled her home with me. Maybe next time…. 😉

6 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #1 – Hands

  1. Fantastic photos, love the theme and I’ve been quite bored with my photos this week so I think I need to freshen it up with one. Love the baby hand photo.

    Thanks for linking up


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