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365 Project Week #2 – ‘Blue’

The theme for this week was ‘blue’. It was a bit harder than I expected it to be – every picture features something blue but sometimes it’s more of a hint than a feature!


Sat on the sofa with my little boy looking trendy in his blue jumper I suddenly realised how grown up he looked. He’s not my baby any more – he’s definitely more of a toggler!


Today I hit the flat hard with my funky new blue duster (along with various other cleaning products and assisted by Caius) to start getting it shipshape to move in to. There is a bit to do but nothing major – and yes, the whole room really is *that* orange….somebody else chose the colour scheme. I may change it. By ‘may’ I mean ‘will’.


Another day spent in the flat cleaning up and it made me smile to see an old favourite mug sat beside a new mug, my new cafetiere and housewarming card. Old meets new just as my now and my future are blending with my past. I am excited about moving into this new flat with the Smalls – I can’t wait until we can finally get ourselves in!


Today the Smalls also came along to the flat and caused chaos whilst my Dad tried to get started on some of the ‘real’ DIY that I don’t have the faintest clue where to begin with. We also did a Homebase trip and bought paint (varying shades of cream…) and curtain track and roller blinds and all sorts of other stuff that made me feel like a real grown-up all of a sudden! By the end of the day though the Smalls had cabin fever from being shut mostly in one room all day whilst loud things happened in other rooms and I was edging to the frantic side of stressed with them so once Dad had gone home and we had finished up a few jobs in the flat, Caius lead the way on a walk along the canal to let off some steam and relax. Then we invaded Liberty & The Boyfriend‘s house for a bit and all went out for dinner to round off the day. Tori was so exhausted she didn’t wake up when I took her out of the car and put her in her bed upstairs!


Today was not fun. Today I was tired, hormonal and let things get on top of me. I stressed out and I worried, I cried and I got angry. I had a dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s upcoming wedding and I really wasn’t in the mood, but it helped me relax in an odd kind of way. Then we talked flat a bit and Mum went on a hunt for old curtains hiding in cupboards for me to take over and put up and hey presto! Blue curtains for me 🙂


Despite fighting car seats regularly when they are in the car my two seem to find them irresistible when they are sat in a room somewhere non-car like.


When doing my hair this morning I was a bit disheartened by how badly I needed it re-dying and neatening up. I had promised myself I would keep up with it when I got it done before but clearly I have let it go again. Luckily I have an appointment to have it sorted next week so all will be well again and I will no longer feel miserable when I spot my reflection.

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