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365 Project Week #3 – ‘Clouds’

This was supposed to be another easy theme but the weather thwarted me from the very first day *shakes fist at sky* – in a way that was good because I had to knuckle down and be creative, which was fun 🙂


As I set off to drop the Smalls off at Daddy’s house I grabbed my camera thinking I could take a nice cloudy shot for my first day as the sun was shining and that meant pretty cloudy sky. Right? Wrong. It wasn’t pretty and cloudy it was fuzzy-not-quite-blue-or-grey hazy. All over. Sigh.

Then I was struck by inspiration, or rather, I inhaled inspiration by accident. All the fields that a week or two ago were beautiful golden yellow with thousands of dandelions have finally turned to seed and even the slightest breeze is enough to stir up cloud upon cloud of seeds floating around (and up my nose). I completely failed to take a photo of this swirling beauty in action so I stopped and made my own mini version for my picture!


I waited all day for the haziness of today to clear enough for me to take a picture of an actual cloud!! I kept nipping outside whilst decorating in the flat to see if I could snap a picture but no luck – it was only when we got back to my parents in the evening that there was finally a cloud.


Today was another hazy day of the sky being one big undefined cloud. But it was lovely and warm and we got lots more done in the flat. The bright red in the kids room has been covered with what undercoat for starters – it looks much bigger in there now it’s lighter.


Another day at the flat – the kids room is now ‘Toffee Cream’ and is looking lovely. My new oven arrived too and burning off the newness resulted in filling my kitchen with clouds of smoke – we evacuated to another room for a while! There is still lots to do in the flat but it is starting to feel like a place we can really live in now.


I can hear you saying ‘that’s a tree, not a cloud’ but I promise promise promise that there is a mahoosive cloud of midges next to it. They just didn’t photograph well. They were out enjoying the late afternoon sunshine too – Caius and I took the kids out to feed the ducks (and I got mega brave and hand-fed a goose. I am very afraid of geese.) and play in the park. It was a beautiful evening despite Tori rounding it off by throwing up in the car.


I SAW A REAL CLOUD TODAY!! And 30 seconds after I took this picture it faded away. Today was eventful – got lots of painting done at the flat, had a lovely dinner with Meggy, Scott, Eliza, Caius & the Smalls before dropping the kids off for an impromptu playdate in the sunshine at QWERTYmum‘s house. Rounded off with a bit of family drama and then curling up in front of Eurovision after a massive amount of lasagna – everyone is very much ready for bed now.


Another cloudless Summer day today and what is more summery than a big, beautiful cloud of bubbles? The Smalls are playing in the baby bath full of water with bath toys and shells and later Caius is coming and we are going to for a walk together to enjoy the weather and get them out from under my parents’ feet for a couple of hours.

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