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365 Project Week #4 – “Books”

There are a lot of books in my life – I have every faith that this week is going to be reasonably simple…


We all had a bit too much sunshine yesterday so this morning we had a lazy pyjama day inside, watched some CBeebies together and read lots of stories. This book was particularly popular with Tori today – Sailor Bear by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Virginia Austin. Luckily I quite like it too so I didn’t mind reading it over and over. There’s something charming about a bear in a boat that is endlessly appealing and the pictures are lovely to look at and talk about.

The day was nicely rounded off with pizza, Pimms & Port round a roaring fire. All in all a good start to the week.


Today was another work-on-the-flat day. We got a fair bit done and it’s starting to look really good yet I still found time to dip into one of my ‘happy new flat’ books that James bought me as I passed through the kitchen every now and then. It’s a beautiful book, I love the feel of the cover as well as the words and pictures inside it. (I Wrote This For You by pleasefindthis)


Another extra busy day at the flat today with lots of people coming over to lend a hand. I am endlessly amazed by people’s kindness at the moment – The painting is all but done, carpets are being laid, curtain rails and curtains going up, I have a fridge, an oven and a washing machine in and bits of furniture headed my way from various sources. My faith in humanity has been cemented and restored recently, it feels good.

Coming home I noticed the book my Mum is reading sat by the computer waiting to be picked back up (Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman). Caius leant it to me after I confessed to never having read it despite it being such massive hit when we were in school. I loved it and passed it on to Mum. Book two is sat nearby for her to start on when she finishes.


Today’s book is currently my best friend. Full of scribbles about curtains and carpets and paint, shopping lists for tools, jobs that need doing, stuff I have forgotten – this trusty little VIOLENT PINK notebook is very rarely far from my hand. It is my ‘Flat Notebook’ that Caius bought for me shortly after I got the keys – it is a good job really else my flat and I would have drowned in post-it notes by now.


I rather fruitlessly tried to power through one of my May Reading books in a free moment this afternoon – as you can see by the page numbers I didn’t get very far. But it’s okay – I have resigned the book (Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins) to my June list so it will still get finished.

Whilst my reading wasn’t so successful today the flat is starting to look much better – the carpets are well on the way to being down, and curtains are going up. Fingers crossed my first night at the flat (on a mattress on the floor…) will be TOMORROW! Exciting times 🙂


Today was busy. We saw a Jubilee Vintage care parade, collected a microwave, went to my brother’s wedding rehearsal and then had pizza for tea and spent our first night in our new home!


I got this book back out today – I finally have my own kitchen again and I can start cooking proper dinners again. I can’t wait to start meal planning, how sad am I?

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