365 Project

365 Project Week #6 – “Eyes”

MONDAY:Today Artie discovered milkshake. My sister bought Tori a cow milkshake maker for Easter and I broke it out this morning to entertain the Smalls (and also because I ran out of juice for them to drink – oops!). It turns out Arthur likes strawberry milkshake just as much as his big sister – I had two happy little creatures 🙂 After dropping them off with their Daddy I went round to my parents’ for a bit to sort out stuff in my old bedroom ready to take over to my flat next time they visit. My bed was all dismantled and packed into my Dad’s car ready for him to bring over tomorrow – the room looked awfully big without it. I am going to miss my violent pink room I must confess, but such is life – onwards and upwards! Then Caius & I headed over to Monday Night Snooker with my brother and his friends before collapsing in bed at the end of a very busy day!


This little chap is Arthur’s present from my friend Mouse. We all went to the zoo together a couple of weeks ago and Mouse got Tori & Artie presents – she dropped round today to leave them here ready for when they get home from their Dad’s tomorrow. I have my bed set up in my bedroom now – no more kipping on a mattress on the floor for me!


Got a few more bits sorted in the flat today before going and collecting the Smalls. Had a nice evening relaxing and playing with them before we all settled in front of the TV for a bit to calm down before bedtime – Tori fondly cuddling an old CD of mine she had liberated from one of the many boxes sat waiting to be unpacked.


Arthur cried a lot today. In fairness he spent a lot of it cooped up in the playpen or his highchair because we were laying the last of the carpet and it was the only way to stop him being completely in the way all of the time. But HOORAY! I have carpet pretty much sorted now so I can maybe think about getting in some furniture and unpacking at last!


I spent most of today starting the marathon job of sorting through and unpacking all my possessions rescued from the old flat and my parents’ house. It’s all stuffed into boxes and binbags at random so it’s a total lucky dip as to what I find. One box, much to my amusement, contained a huge amount of school work and exercise books all the way back to primary school! Caius and I had a good giggle at it before I picked out a few favourite pieces and said farewell to the rest.  Today’s picture is the eyes of Henry VIII drawn by 10 year old me in my 6W Art Book.


Today was a lazy kind of day but busy all at once. There was plenty of time for dozing (as shown above by Caius crashed out on a beanbag) but I got more stuff sorted, a large bag of stuff taken to the charity shop, a bit of shopping done, the kids got bathed and we rounded off the day with a roast beef dinner (with home made Yorkshire Puddings – it appears I *can* make them after all) and messing around playing hangman for hours.


I am a bit dozy this morning after an early start ready for us all to head off to Cosford Airshow. It is long overdue for my two little ‘uns to become acquainted with the wonder of aircraft. I just hope they share my fascination of it as this will definitely not be the last airshow they will be attending in their lifetimes!

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