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365 Project Week #7 – ‘Liquid’


After dropping the kids off with their Dad it was off to my parents’ house for roast dinner before Monday Night Snooker again. And, speaking as a Yorkshire lass – what better liquid to start my week off with than gravy? (Other than ale, obviously, but there wasn’t any of that to hand…)


Tuesday started off with a much-needed lie-in. I have been a bit off colour and very busy over the last couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to catch up on any sleep until today. I feel much better for it and once I eventually dragged myself lazily out of bed after a bit of a read I got the weekly food shop done and pottered around the house sorting bits out and unpacking all the stuff I liberated from my bedroom at my parents’ house yesterday. And the evening was rounded off with a new recipe for dinner – lemon, cream cheese & salmon pasta accompanied by a rather nice glass (okay…tumbler…I haven’t got any wine glasses yet) of wine.


After the kids were dropped off today we grabbed a couple of bits from the shop before heading home to make tea. Tori was chief cook and took the lead in making our ‘Bready Scrolls’ – she especially enjoyed spreading out all the tomato purée on the dough (purée is liquid…right?) They were particularly yummy and everyone went to bed with full tummies.


Today was fun – the Smalls and I set off in the morning to brave the toddler group at the Methodist Church in town. It was lovely there and the kids had lots of fun – we will definitely be going again 🙂 Because I knew we would be out much of the morning and tired afterwards I put a beef stew on in the slow cooker before we left in the morning so all that I had to do at tea time was boil some potatoes up for mash (and cook little miss fussy a sausage because she wont eat anything with gravy/sauce).


You’d never know it was June if you judged by the weather – cold and grey and very wet. But I had a few bits to do in town and some shopping to pick up so the smalls and I wrapped up and set out together anyway. We had a bit of fun sploshing through puddles whilst we explored – I’m slowly getting to know where things are now and managed to get myself to the bank without getting lost once!


Today was fairly quiet, just spending time with the smalls all morning doing not a lot then getting on with a bit of housework before going for a walk down the canal with Liberty and the smalls. Where we overfed this duck because for ages he was the only one that turned up for bread (once Artie stopped eating the bread himself and actually throwing it in the water).


We had an incident in the medicine basket this morning. Tori’s magic anti-travelsickness medicine appears to no longer be inside its bottle and I’m not entirely sure how. This is not good as Tori gets VERY travel sick and we have a two hour bus trip tomorrow…

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