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365 Project Week #8 – ‘Birds’


Today was the beginning of my birthday week of fun so before taking the Smalls on the bus to Daddy’s house we went out for lunch together and I had a very tasty Club sandwich which I have often fancied but never actually ordered before (which contained chicken, which is a bird…)

Once the Smalls were safely with their Dad I jumped on a train and moseyed on up to Leeds for a divine posh dinner out with Caius and James. I will take any excuse to spend time with my favourite people, especially when there is amazingly good food involved too.


Part of my birthday present from Caius was an Owl Experience at the Talon Falconry in Ripon. We got to hold Spud the Little Owl, Sweep the Tawny Owl and Jaye the Eagle Owl (she was a cross-breed eagle owl, I can’t remember what between though) and we also got to fly Cosmos the Barn Owl between us. It was amazing.

Then Caius took me on a drive through the Yorkshire Dales where we went and visited a few old family haunts such as my old house in Richmond and the church in Gunnerside. We jumped out and ‘enjoyed’ the typical Dales weather of rolling mist and drizzle and wind and were lucky enough to see a pair of Skylarks at close quarters along with some lapwings and heard some Curlews in the distance. It was beautiful being able to hear nothing but the wind and the birds and feel the cool wind blowing away all the cobwebs.

Then I was whisked off to a lovely little pub/B&B for the night – the food here was also amazing. Birthday dinner #2!


BIRTHDAY TIME! After a gorgeous full English breakfast Caius and I set off on a mystery outing. Well, it was a mystery for me – Caius knew where we were headed (which was lucky, as he was driving). It turned out we were destined for The Trafford Centre – someone had been reading my Day Zero list and was trying to help me cross some off for my birthday. I got even more spoilt there and came home with a variety of purchases including this rather lovely bird print dress.

Then we headed back to Shropshire (with all the extra excitement of a wheel change on the M6 no less) to pick up the kids and drop round at my parents’ for cake and some fun in the sunshine. Then home for a Chinese takeaway (Birthday dinner #3!) and a big sleep after such a busy few days!!


Today was both my brother-in-law Nad‘s birthday and QWERTY Mum‘s little boy’s birthday – this is a very good week for birthdays and I approve of the cake content very much.

In the afternoon the Smalls, Caius & I headed over to QWERTY Mum’s house to party with Liberty, The Boyfriend, Ivy,  Taylor, Mr Taylor, Charlie, Paula, Addy and Birthday Boy Dyl. It was great fun to see everyone and the Smalls certainly enjoyed the garden, their friends and all the excitement it had to offer whilst the rest of us enjoyed pizza, wedges, cake and a chat. Arthur was rather taken with this tiny little feather that he found (or ‘Flevver’ as Tori says). It was good spending time with everyone and we staggered home in the end, tired and happy, to fall into bed.


Today was mental. Unplanned and unexpected we went and collected all of my furniture and the last of my belongings from the Ex’s flat. It was terrifying and I took ages to stop shaking afterwards but it is done. My flat is now a big heap of furniture and boxes and ornaments wrapped in towels and it’s very weird seeing my whole life in a big heap. But I have it all now and can get sorted and work out what I still need to get and really, properly move on and get on. It feels good.

After all that I headed out for ANOTHER birthday dinner out (what’s that now? #4?) with Caius, Liberty and The Boyfriend in town followed by a few drinks in the pub (the Smalls were with my parents).

I totally forgot to take a photo all day so when Caius and I eventually rolled home to his mother’s house in the evening I was pleased to spot an old faithful book on the shelf that I recognised from my own childhood and knew perfectly well there was a bird on every page spread. Off you go – spot the Usborne Duck!!


Today was very long. It was an early start to go catch a train headed for The Big Smoke (where I got on with reading my latest book – which conveniently has a bird on the cover) to meet up with Nad & Chrystal and their friends. We spent the morning mooching round the shops before Chrystal and I headed off to pick up our GamesMaker uniforms ready for the Olympics – it’s very bright…! Then it was off the St Katherine Docks to meet up with Caius for a quick dinner (Birthday meal #5!) before I had to run away and catch my train home.


As I stayed at my parents’ last night, I went back to church in Wem this morning to say hello to everyone as it has been a while since I was there after moving. It was lovely to have a catch up and there was even Birthday cake there for me and another girl at JC who had her birthday this week – I may be gone but I’m not forgotten by my extended family! The fluffed up crow on the steeple when we came out of church made me smile – I used to watch them perching there from my old flat when I was washing up, it was a nice little flash of memory to kick off the morning.

2 thoughts on “365 Project Week #8 – ‘Birds’

  1. If I remember rightly, Jaye was a Turkish and Siberian cross breed eagle owl. And wow, I hadn’t quite realised just how many birthday dinners there were this week! Enjoyed all of them though 🙂

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