365 Project

365 Project Week #9 – ‘Trees’

July already? Where has this year gone and where is Summer?! Ah well, here goes week 8:


This week seems to have started off where last week left it – cold, grey and wet. A quiet kind of day -after dropping the kids off  I spent some time with my parents before heading off to Monday Night Snooker (where me and Caius actually won a frame – shock horror!!) and then headed home.


Today was a lazy one for the most part. The last couple of crazy weeks caught up and my body was crying out for a rest so I indulged and spent the morning doing precisely nothing but dozing and lazing around. Then I had a go at getting some of the mountain of my belongings in some sort of order ready for when the Smalls return tomorrow afternoon – I won’t lie, I wasn’t very successful but I do now know vaguely what is in which box! Come the evening it was time to be brave and I headed off to my first Market Drayton Writers’ Club at the Library (which has a tree outside it…) with Liberty and Ivy. It was good to slip back into a place I feel comfortable – the faces were different and the writing styles had changed but it was like putting on a favourite coat come winter-time. I feel easy in a room of people who like to write. I have come away with an interesting homework challenge for the month – to write a piece (of any style) including the following elements: a long-held secret, a secluded country hotel and a music box. My brain had an instant conflict as to whether that implies Mills & Boon or Agatha Christie and now is having a panic because I have no idea where to start writing either of those styles. I will post the result on here whatever happens so stay posted!!


This morning was bed-building morning. Tori’s new bed needed assembling before she arrived home from her Dad’s house so I played the useless girlfriend and left the puzzle-solving and power-tools to Caius whilst I did some more tidying and kept him fed and watered whilst he worked. The end result is brilliant – Tori’s new ‘dead-tree’ bed is very grown up indeed and is a bit of a shout out to me that she really isn’t a baby any more. By the time I set off to go get them their room was all but complete at last and once I got them home Caius and his drill came to the rescue again to install a baby gate across their door so it can double as an enclosed playroom where I can shut them in but still see them. Now, apart from pictures on the wall I think their room is the first to be completed properly in the flat. Getting there slowly!


We finally went and discovered the town park! Playgroup didn’t happen today because 1) we were too late to set off for the morning session because, as Tori so lovingly shouted to me from their bedroom, ‘Arthur’s got his hand in his nappy and it’s gooey.’ She wasn’t wrong. It was gooey and all over his hands, face, legs and bed. Yum. By the time I had dunked Arthur in the bath and sorted out his bed and got round to feeding the kids breakfast it would have been almost the end of playgroup by the time we arrived. And 2) when it got to time to set off for the afternoon session both the kids were dead on their feet and about to pass out for a nap so we didn’t make it then either. To make up for missing it we went to the park after nap time – the kids had a great time letting off some steam after being cooped up in their bedroom/playroom all day because the rest of the flat is still very much a non-toddler friendly wobbly heap of boxes.


Friday did not feel like July. Friday felt like November. It was chilly and ‘wet’ didn’t quite cover it. We nipped over to Wem in the morning and had a drink in the Town Hall Cafe – one of our old haunts. Then home and tried to hold off cabin fever as we watched the rain endlessly pour down from the heavy grey sky. It felt like a very long day.


The sun did manage to come out in patches today so we decided to risk a walk. We set off in sunshine but it steadily clouded over and then deposited a hefty rain shower on us meaning we had to make a break for the canal and hide under a bridge until it passed. Then we went for a wander and fed the ducks before sitting on a bench by the path and letting the kids have a run around and explore. By the end of it we had all run around and been silly together and were quite happy to stroll home – Tori sat on Caius’ shoulders and Artie in his pushchair – and crash out together before bed time.


A fair amount of washing up occurred today so I spent a while looking at this view. However we did get out of the house and went to visit Liberty for a bit in the morning which was good although Artie had a fight with her coffee table and came off distinctly worse. He has a lovely bruise on his forehead now, silly Bean.

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