365 Project

365 Project Week #10 – ‘Pink’


The second child in most families suffers from hand-me-downs and Arthur is no exception. The only problem for him being that his elder sibling is a girl and he is not. There is a lot of pink in Artie’s life – his highchair, his pushchair, his reins – but he seems to have a healthy love of it so I don’t feel too guilty. Though it does clash a little with his hair…


I got artistic today, making a 50th birthday card for a friend of my Mum. I don’t have much in the way of artistic talent and my finished products often look like they were drawn by 10 year olds but it’s more fun and personal than just buying cards all the time. It was good fun colouring in anyway! And then in the evening it was ‘Writer’s Club Mark II – The Private Edition’. By which I mean it isn’t MD Writer’s Club at all but me and Liberty and Taylor and Ivy meeting up at the same time and doing our own writing/creative projects and bullying helping each other along. There was Archers involved. And far too much giggling. And homework (sigh). But overall I’m quite excited by it all – fingers crossed I am going to get my brain back in gear and start churning out words in places other than on here.

I love blogging, don’t get me wrong, but I miss writing.


LOOK! SUNSHINE!! For the first time in days the clouds broke and there was sunshine and blue skies so whilst I busied myself putting books on my shelves (in categories and alphabetical by author’s last name – my mother trained as a librarian you know…it shows sometimes) I let Tori and Arthur escape onto our little porch for some fresh air. It’s amazing how useful my birthday present has been for things other than its main purpose of drying clothes. Arthur made a lovely den in it this morning and by lunchtime it was a fence! The kids loved the extra little bit of freedom and Tori had a long and intense conversation with an ant up until the point where Artie came over and tried to eat it.


STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE! (Which looks disappointingly _not_ pink in the picture…) I had to dash out before breakfast with the Smalls today because I forgot to buy milk yesterday so there was none for breakfast. To make up for dragging them to Asda before breakfast it was milkshakes all round after Weetabix was consumed. Then Mouse came over and we took the Smalls to a WackyWarehouse pub for the afternoon to blow off some steam. It was great because we had the place to ourselves for most of it so the kids were free to roam and explore without getting pushed around or having to wait for turns. Tori was a bit of a wimp though and it took either me or Mouse squeezing our way up next to her to get her to climb up to the top of the equipment (where she decided she was afraid of the slide she had been going on and on about the whole time…) Then we came home and Meggy joined us – we had a bit of a play with the Smalls, fed them and put them to bed before having a good old girly giggle and gossip over a takeaway. Was great to catch up and have a natter and I rounded off the day by spoiling myself with my birthday present from Meggy & Scott – a Cocoa Butter body wash/scrub/body butter set. I went to bed smelling divine and feeling all silky.


Today I attacked and defeated the boxes in the front room in their entirety. I have a box full of stuff to go to the charity shop and a recycle bin full of leaflets about breastfeeding, contraception and all the other million things they throw at you when you are pregnant. I appear to have religiously kept the lot. From both babies. It’s all gone now apart from a couple of keepsake ones carefully tucked into a box. I found all sorts as I rummaged and sorted including Tori’s first proper shoes – her chunky, well-loved ‘bovver boots’ that were the only shoes I could find that fit her and I could afford when she started walking and her feet were still too small to get her shoes from Clarks.

My front room is once again big and empty with room for the Smalls to play and spread their stuff all over three seconds after I finish hoovering it.

Tomorrow I plan to start the final fight: the boxes in my bedroom. And then I can get into a routine of just plain cleaning rather than half-cleaning around ‘stuff’ heaped in every corner.


Today was wet. We did venture out early on to get some shopping (Tori got us all up well before 6.30) but the sunshine we enjoyed swiftly vanished behind clouds and was soon replaced with some very hefty rain storms so we hid inside and had a lazy day with TV and Duplo and books. I didn’t get all that much done in my bedroom but after yesterday’s marathon blitz on the front room I don’t feel too bad about it.


Any day that starts with bacon and eggs is a good day, right? Tori even let me tie her hair up today and has left it be so far – usually it survives five minutes before she pulls it out. It doesn’t make her hair any less wild looking but it is at least vaguely controlled.

6 thoughts on “365 Project Week #10 – ‘Pink’

  1. nothing wrong with pink for a boy, plenty put blue on a girl, when he is old enough to voice an opinion then he is worth listening to, until then why worry. Looks like you have had a busy week.

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