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365 Project Week #11 – ‘Vehicles’


Today started with me doing my level best to faint in the morning which was fun. Then we headed over to Wem, dropped off the Smalls with their Dad and popped in to see my parents. Then Caius and I headed off to Monday Night Snooker (where we didn’t entirely suck for a change) before coming back (via a stop-off at the Hawk garage for me to photograph the JCBs) and having an ‘early night’. By early night I mean we drank too much gin and tonic and played on the Wii together until it was almost time to get up again…


Today was one of those days were you pootle around and don’t really seem to have done much (probably something to do with last night’s gin) – I did a bit of shopping, finished up my homework for Unofficial Writer’s Club (UWC) and did a bit of tidying up in the Smalls’ room…which may or may not have involved playing with their inflatable planes from when we went to Cosford. Then it was off to Spoons for dinner and UWC  which involved yet another night of possibly too much alcohol and lots of giggling. We did manage to get a decent bit of workshopping done on our writing though and I am starting to find the fire for writing again now – even starting to feel confident enough that I might eventually finish the piece I’ve started!


At 07.18 this morning my new nephew Riley Connor put in an appearance 3 weeks before his due date. A healthy 6lb 10oz despite his earliness and he’s gorgeous 🙂 I went out in the morning to get presents for both the baby and the new parents, then we went off and picked up the Smalls before going to see Riley for cuddles. I may possibly have been a bit mushy afterwards – you can’t beat newborn snuggles! Then it was home time and bed time for two tired Small people (excited about ‘Eileen’ – Tori hasn’t quite got the hang of saying ‘Riley’ yet) and time for me to pack ready for the beginning of my Olympics adventure. Caius excelled himself cooking dinner for us  to round off the day nicely. (Dinner came complete with candles – I’m thinking I might keep him around….)


I have made the executive decision that horses are vehicles. Today I headed down south to visit my big sister and brother-in-law and after half a day on a train it was really good to visit the stables and watch Chrystal in her show jumping practise on Winston. Going for dinner in the pub afterwards was nice too!


Friday involved me getting down and dirty with my Writer’s Club homework (more about that to come in another post) and then Chrystal, Nad and I headed off to our Olympics Games Maker training session…and sat on the M25 for about 400 years behind this boat before finally arriving late. Training was fun but there was a LOT to take in and absorb ready for tomorrow’s session – we didn’t get home til gone 11 and we need to leave at 6am tomorrow. TIRED!


Our early morning was brightened by this bin lorry that we followed along as the sun rose – it had a helium ‘Congratulations’ balloon bobbing around in the back which made us all laugh. When we got to our Games Maker session it was amazing to see so many other people there. I really started to feel like I was part of a team and it was great to finally meet some of the people I will be working with on my shifts and get to know them a little. I came away feeling excited and much more prepared for my roles – I’m no longer terrified about it, just excitedly nervous! After training we went out for a delicious meal before heading home to a soak in the bath and fell into our beds utterly exhausted.


Today is a lazy day to recover from all the excitement of the last couple of days. It started with a lie in and is continuing with a large bowl of strawberries and some sunshine. I’m not planning on going out today so my vehicle of choice is the My Little Pony carriage that lives in my sister’s front room – a lazy picture for a lazy day!

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