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365 Project Week #15 ~ ‘Music’

I realised very quickly this week that ‘music’ is sometimes very hard to photograph…


Home from London today – relaxing with a book and my iTunes after the train journey before a bubble bath and an early night to try to fight the panda-eyes and all-over aches!


Today was a housework day so I moved my speakers into my bedroom where I was busy sorting out the last of my bags and boxes from the move. Loud music makes everything more fun!


Not exactly the most tuneful of ‘music’ but today Artie found my whistle from when I was working on the Road Cycling event at the Olympics. It took him nearly ten minutes to figure out what to do with it but the look of glee and pride on his face when he succeeded almost made up for the racket he created!


Today’s toy of choice for Tori was the musical remote control…it is very irritating to most humans but not, apparently, her.


Another irritating musical toy features today. At least Artie’s concentration and dancing are cute enough to make up for it 🙂


V Fest at Weston Park today. Brilliant time – weather was beautiful aside from a couple of light showers. This is Snow Patrol stealing the show but before them we grooved away to Tom Jones, Lawson, The Stranglers and Madness to name a few. Home tired but excited for tomorrow!


V Fest day 2 was…wetter. By the time we had watched the first act of the day (The Proclaimers) Ivy had an actual puddle in her coat hood, Kirk could wring out his hat almost endlessly and my ‘raincoat’ had decided it would rather be a sponge and was wet right through. Luckily The Proclaimers were awesome and it eased off afterwards, finally bursting into glorious sun by about 5.30 in the evening. I was still damp when I got home however, we got VERY wet!  Today’s line-up also involved Keane, Newton Faulkner, Tim Minchin and Rodrigo Y Gabriele.

Amazing weekend, lots of laughs, lots of sunshine and an acceptable level of Festival Mud.

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