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365 Project Week #17 ~ ‘Green’


It was Liberty’s boyfriend’s birthday today and you can’t have a birthday without cake. So before we headed out for a meal and a few drinks, I baked a chocolate cake to take round as a present – it went down very well with some Champers before our dinner!


I got the big food shop out of the way today – managed to remember milk AND bread this week. I’m definitely improving! Then it was time for Unofficial Writer’s Club, this time held at QWERTY Mum‘s house, where we had a bit of a giggle when Liberty and Taylor’s younger sister invaded to do some colouring in and then hid outside the door making funny noises (which really confused Liberty).


This morning Taylor, Ivy, Liberty and myself headed out on a shopping trip to make sure Taylor has all the essentials for going to Uni. You know – felt tip pens, hot pink folders,bright pink Animal bag, cool new dress…the vitals. Luckily we went shopping in Telford which is almost entirely enclosed – a bonus on a day like today where the best method of travel was probably swimming. Then Caius and I went to get the Smalls – Artie had a grumpy day which meant lots of tears were involved. And snot. Lots of snot. Most of which ended up on Caius’s shoulder. Lurrrrvley!


Tori and Arthur’s favourite spot at the moment is the windowsill in the front room. They are semi-constantly there building with Duplo and watching the world go by outside – much to the bemusement of passers by. We went for a lovely walk down by the canal today – the kids had fun throwing bread to imaginary ducks (all the real ducks were conspicuous in their absence) – and it didn’t rain on us for a change either. Yay!


I attacked the housework with reckless abandon today. It needs it and I don’t seem to ever be around enough to make a real difference – today was the start of me *making* a difference. Once the kids were in bed, I settled down with a G&T and did a bit of writing to relax – made all the edits suggested at this week’s Unofficial Writer’s Club ready for Official Writer’s Club next week.


Sunny day today. The Smalls and I have popped over to pay a visit to my parents and had good fun playing with Play-Doh, enjoying a visit from Meggy and Scott and good old simple fun outside in the garden. The the kids were unceremoniously deposited in bed in time for me to watch Doctor Who. Of course.


Arthur got me (and James) up very early today so I spent a while reading whilst he played with teddies on my bed. Then we went back to our old church for a visit and later we are off to a BBQ with Junior Church which should be fun so long as the weather holds!


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