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365 Project Week #18 ~ ‘Flowers’


Today marked the first day of term for many people and, in true British style, the weather was beautiful. I’m sure it’s not just me that remembers soggy Summer Holidays followed by an opening school week of scorching sunshine whilst you are stuck inside. As none of my family had school this year (the Smalls aren’t big enough yet and my Mum retired at the end of last term) we were able to spend the day outside in the garden enjoying the welcome warmth. Tori and Arthur’s sunflowers looked magnificent – bold, bright and, in one case, EIGHT feet tall!!


I had a bad hair day today – I must have rearranged it about ten times and it was still all over the place all day. *grumble*

Aside from that I had a good day – I got a mountain of the housework done, went out for lunch with English Folkfan to celebrate her birthday and rounded the day off at Official Writer’s Club (where I got some good feedback on my not-so-short story). The weather has been beautiful again but you can tell Autumn is on its way as soon as dark falls – there’s the fresh, cold taste in the air that you only get at this end of the year.


Kids home a bit earlier than usual today so not as much housework finished as I had hoped. No matter – I’d rather spend time building Duplo towers and reading stories than washing floors anyway. Dyed my hair back to brown this evening – the blonde was growing out past acceptable and I can’t afford to go back and get it dyed again at the moment. Wonder if the kids will recognise me in the morning…


Quiet day at home with the Smalls today. We watched Bambi and danced to some music then they amused themselves with their toys whilst I did a bit of housework. The man came with the Veg Box just in time for me to make dinner so we got to have broccoli (which is conveniently a flower…) and carrots with our home-made burgers!


Another day at home the the Smalls today. Arthur is teething a bit so was permanently attached to my leg which made everything difficult. Spot the difference between my two hair shots 😉



*wails* My baby is growing up!!! As of yesterday Tori announced that she wanted to wear Big Girl Pants instead of nappies. People have been asking if I was going to potty train her for ages and I have tried on and off for the last year but she’s just not been interested (or, to start with, was mortally afraid of toilets and potties) and it was fruitless. However, letting her get a bit bigger and investing in a musical duck-shaped potty seems to have done the trick. Even Arthur has had a go! It only seems five minutes since Tori was wobbling her way to her feet – it’s a bit strange seeing her run around the house in pretty flowery knickers. When did she stop being a baby and start being three??


Today was my final fling with London 2012. I was a Games Maker for the Paralympic Marathons in the same spot (more or less) as I was in for the Olympic Marathons. If anything it was even more magic – the sun was shining, the atmosphere was buzzing and there was a definite party feeling in the air. It felt like an ending but not in a bad way – everyone was smiling and laughing and cheering – it felt hopeful. I even got a stunning flash of one of the London peregrines as it worried the pigeons over Trafalgar Square.  Duties complete I jumped on a train and then met up with Caius to head on up to Leeds for a few days.

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