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Project 365 Week #19 ~ ‘Light’

MONDAY:I dossed around this morning with my nose in a book whilst Caius worked then we headed off Go-Karting with his housemate Dom (of Don’t Tweet The Bride) where I didn’t embarrass myself too much considering it was effectively my first time. Then it was home for some social gaming, a chinese dinner and a couple of episodes of The IT Crowd.


Today I gatecrashed the EmberAds company outing which was awesome fun. Came third in a game of Laser Quest (though our team lost overall – probably something to do with how much our clothing GLOWED in the UV compared to the other team…), had some very tasty food then went home for a quick change before heading out again to meet up with James and ‘Flowerface‘ (also known as Chelle…but whose Twitter handle I always {mis}remember first). Where we played Monopoly in the pub and got VERY tipsy. Possibly something to do with the ‘Sweet Shop’ Shots we did….


Wednesday involved a very wet and slow drive back to Shropshire to collect the Smalls from Daddy’s house then we went round to my parent’s for a takeaway and so they could have a last romp with the Smalls before jetting off on their big adventure Down Under. Then we crawled home to bed, very tired bunnies.


Today Arthur and I headed out into the Great Outside to shop and run some errands whilst Caius and Tori stayed home. Arf and I started by popping over to the local Pre-school (a stone’s throw from the house, conveniently) to see about signing Tori up to start in January only to leave half an hour later very confused and clutching a piece of paper saying to bring Tori back tomorrow afternoon for an induction before starting properly next week. Next week. Wednesday. My baby is starting pre-school on Wednesday and I have less than a week to get accustomed to the idea… erk.

Early night tonight for the Smalls, busy day for me and Tori tomorrow and we need a good kip before it. The kids have the *best* bedroom lamp – it even sings Hakuna Matata…


Tori ready for her Pre-School induction. Arthur photo-bombing her by running up behind and shouting CHEEEEEEESE! Priceless. Enough to light up anyone’s afternoon 😀

She had a brilliant time, the staff were lovely and she’s looking forward to next week – just neeed to finish working on her toilet skills between now and then…


The fish got some attention today – shiny new DAY-GLO pebbles and a clam shell to lighten up the tank which was looking a bit dingy and a new friend. Caius picked out a fantail goldfish SPDY (pronounced Speedy) to join Tori’s carnival-prize  fish Smidge, Arthur’s little goldfish Morton (both named after the same Amiga console game character who had a name change between demo and full-release) and my goldfish Dizzy (named after another Amiga character from my childhood). He rounds off our very geeky fish-family very nicely.


Some crazy September stormy looking light out there today but luckily the weather has held so far. Tori has been a bit of a menace today and Arthur is teething a bit. However we still managed to pop round and visit Liberty and English Folkfan this afternoon for a bit of social time. Tori is doing really well with her potty training – only a couple of accidents today and those mostly down to over-excitement and being in new places. She didn’t wee in the car at all either which I was afraid she would as it’s the first time we’ve tried it.

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