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Project 365 Week #20 ~ ‘Writing’


Artie gave Caius a hand at work this morning (writing code) before we dropped them off at Daddy’s house. Then Caius and I went for a lovely walk through the countryside to a pub I haven’t been to for ages for dinner before heading back into town for Monday Night Snooker. Then home where we watched Second Coming on DVD because it’s my favourite and Caius had never seen it.


After a bit of a run-in with the kids’ Dad last night I needed an easy day today so I ate far too much chocolate and sat on my backside. The weather outside was that crazy September ‘I can’t decide whether to be sunny or torrentially wet’ kind of thing so it was far cosier indoors anyway. It is Unofficial Writer’s Club tonight though so I did make an effort to add to my WIP – I need to add a scene to introduce one of my characters better as the current introduction is a bit of a slap in the face. It’s very difficult to write backwards I am discovering. I have however met a new character who wasn’t previously in existence which is always fun – took a bit of fun researching on an old favourite website (20000-names.com) to find him a name that suited. I eventually settled on Zahir – an Arabic name which means ‘shining/blossoming’ – it seemed appropriate for a faerie discovering his aptitude for healing.


Today was Tori’s first day at Pre-School on her own. It was only a half day but it still feels like a massive step in her life – our lives – and was all a little bit surreal. After dropping her off I went and did the weekly food shop then came home and realised I needed to make a vague lunch-box plan for tomorrow. And Friday. And every Thursday and Friday following because Tori will be AT SCHOOL and require a packed lunch.

I feel so old.

Tori seemed to enjoy herself and apparently only noticed I was gone and started whimpering for me about 10 minutes before the end of the day which is good going for her first time on her own. Tomorrow is a whole new challenge with is being a whole day not just an afternoon but I’m sure she’ll be fine once she gets into the swing of it. Might drop in at lunch time tomorrow to give her a boost. We’ll see how it goes.


First whole day at pre-school for the Tweenster today. Dropped her off fine and popped in at lunch time to check she was doing okay – seemed quite happy so might well leave her to it tomorrow. Whilst she was at school I sat down and started filling in a book of what she has been up to for her Daddy. Because Tori and Arthur live with me most of the time he doesn’t get to see Tori straight after school or hear directly what she’s up to all the time so I have decided to make a sort of diary for him. I am writing it as Tori and just relaying what she tells me, her teachers mention or what I see (putting my Creative Writing degree to some use at last!) – I’ll put in photos when I can and pictures Tori brings home and she will draw/write in it too. I don’t want him to miss out on his little girl’s adventures starting school. I only hope he receives it as I mean it and not as some elaborate way of rubbing his nose in what he isn’t getting.


Tori survived her first day all alone just fine today. Had a few toilet-related incidents and came home in a borrowed pair of trousers but other than that was pretty happy to be on her own – too busy having fun to get sad. I’m so proud of her – she’s been so brave this week considering it was all a bit of a rush and seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds, even in her potty training. This time three weeks ago she was in nappies all the time and not even looking at the potty never mind using it.

After school it was back round to English Folkfan’s for a bit – I took a million photographs, the kids ate ice cream and did some drawing and we all had a good chat. And the weather suddenly decided to turn into September and dump an excessive amount of water on us. I was very glad to be inside looking out at it and not outside.


The most frequent thing I write is this blog – even when I can’t find time to add to my WIP, I try my very best to remember to blog. It makes me feel better.

Today was a bit grouchy all round – Tori had a bit of a tiredness hangover after her busy days at Pre-school and in turn wound Arthur up. Arthur’s already a bit of a grump because of his cold so all in all we all growled a lot – I went to bed extra early and played Nintendogs on my DS, because I’m that cool.


Other people’s writing is something I enjoy almost as much as writing my own things. I have had a quiet few minutes this morning with my nose in my book whilst the Smalls watch Bambi. I bet the peace won’t last more than about five pages.


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