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365 Project Week #21 ~ ‘Cars’


We had something like a month’s-worth of rain today. Wet doesn’t quite do it justice. I was a little worried we wouldn’t make it to drop the kids off at their Dad’s with all the talks of flooding, it turned out to be okay though.  Tori wore her wellies to walk to Pre-School so she could splash in all the puddles on the way which she loved but then had a bit of a wobble and a cry when it came to me leaving her. She was quickly distracted though and had a good day afterwards – came home in the same pants and trousers at lunch time too, with a Well Done sticker for using the toilet by herself. Definite progress!

With Tori being away for a few hours each week now it’s giving me a bit of time to be one-on-one with Arthur. Something I’ve never really had much opportunity until now and I am enjoying getting to know my boy who is just getting into the joy of pushing cars around and making ‘vrooooom!’ noises. I am hoping he will blossom a bit more now he has chance to shine away from his big sister’s shadow. It’s a whole new adventure for us whilst Tori is away having her own fun at Pre-School.


The rain just doesn’t stop. Used my child-free day today to get a few bits done around the house -mostly tidying the kids toys into some semblance of neatness before they return to throw them about again. It always makes me smile as I sort when I come across things like this Fischer Price Zoo and car which are mine from when I was little. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing my two are getting as much enjoyment out of it as I did.


Wet day number 3. Housework and the big food shop got done today before we headed off to collect the Smalls from Daddy’s house. We were treated to a few flashes of golden sunshine between the showers on the way home along with a stunning rainbow that my camera did precisely no justice to whatsoever.


Today started out crisp, fresh and bright when me and Tori walked to Pre-School but by late morning it was back to wet. I’m surprised there’s any rain left after the amount there’s been this week! Caius, Artie and I all went out for lunch today and discovered a new pub (well, new for me and Arthur anyway) which does lovely food at very reasonable prices – just under £18 to feed and water the three of us.

Tori was chosen to bring Popper the Pre-School clown toy home for the night so was very pleased with herself when I collected her. Then we went and visited English Folkfan again and caused the usual chaos for a bit before home to bed ready for school in the morning


This is the view out of our front room window. Not all that delightful for some but Arthur has decided his favourite thing to do is stand by the window/on the windowsill and shout CAR! BRUMMMM! every time one passes by. It keeps him quiet occupied for ages and keeps passers-by entertained too – he even waves at them if they are lucky.

I missed most of today curled up in bed/throwing up in the bathroom but it did involve a new (to me) sofa arriving, finally making the flat feel like a home. I hadn’t realised how much the place was missing a sofa until one arrived.


(You have to play Spot The Car on this picture – I promise there is one…)
The rain finally gave up today and let us have a beautiful sunny September day. Afraid to miss the opportunity, we bundled up into wellies and coats and set off on a nice long walk along the canal. I love how friendly the atmosphere along canal sides always is – people chat, folk on boats smile and wave at you and shout hello – one guy even beeped the boat horn for the kids as he passed. I remember it from the two canal holidays I have been lucky to experience – even when it was miserable, cold and pouring with rain almost everyone still had a smile to share. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I think it’s because of the slow, sedateness of canals – it makes all your stress slide away without you even noticing.


CAR!! says Arthur.

Lazy Sunday. Lie-in for everyone and now there’s lamb slow roasting in the slow-cooker for later and the house smells yummy. What more could I want from a September Sunday (aside from a little sunshine…)?

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