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365 Project Week 24 ~ ‘Feet’


Just another Manic  Monday. Walked Tori to school in the morning, walked her back at lunch time. Quick lunch then off to drop the Smalls at Daddy’s house before heading home again.

Caius and I were pretty shattered after our busy weekend celebrating our friend’s marriage so we spent a quiet evening with our noses in our books chilling out together and enjoying the quiet.


Housework day. Yawn.

Finished up with Unofficial Writer’s Club at Liberty’s house though. We walked over and had a couple of drinks whilst we were there – it wasn’t much of a writer’s club this week as none of us had really written anything over the last week or so. Liberty read through my drafted homework for Official Writer’s Club, I wrote up a couple of blog posts, Caius wrote code (or something…) and Liberty worked on her shiny new front cover for her ace new series of novellas. It wasn’t a complete waste of time and was very nice to just sit and relax for a couple of hours in each other’s company. Must actually try and write something for next week though!


We picked the kids up a bit earlier than usual today because their Daddy was a bit ill. Before we left to get them I whipped up some biscuit dough and left it chilling in the fridge ready for when they got home. Then Tori helped me to cut out (millions) of different biscuit shapes and we had them all baked before dinner time so they were nice and cooled in time for pudding. (I halved the ingredients listed in the recipe I found and still ended up with over 30 biscuits – we’re going to be eating them for ever!!)


After dropping Tori off at school, Caius, Artie and I headed into town together to run some errands – Artie did his level best to charm every shop-assistant we encountered with his cheeky grin and shy little bye-bye and wave. Sometimes he is so cute I just want to squeeze him, or eat him, or lick him… or something.

Then suddenly in the afternoon after collecting Tori, I felt like I had been hit in the head with a brick and felt like I was residing in a fridge. I ended up crawling to bed before the kids and passing out fully dressed and under two blankets and a duvet and still shivering. Not much fun.


Woke up the opposite of last night – roasting hot. Luckily it faded sufficiently by lunchtime for me and Arthur to get doled up and head over to our friend Julie’s wedding. We just stayed for the church service which was really lovely and Arthur gave Julie a silver horseshoe for good luck outside the church after the service. Julie’s dress was stunning and her shoes were awesome too.

Then it was a quick bolt home to pick to Tori up from school and a quiet evening in.

Early nights all round tonight I think.


‘This little monster’s name is Fizz, Do you have bumpy feet like his?’

Books are such a great toddler distraction technique in places like pubs – don’t you think?

After our lunch out we headed round to play in the park then visit English Folkfan. Artie had his first ever hair cut (and looks weirdly grown up now he no longer looks like a mischievous little elf) and we strolled home through the sunset. Lovely family day with relatively few tears or tantrums. Great stuff.


Today we had a roadtrip. We had to go to Sheffield to pick up some fireworks so everyone bundled into the car and off we pootled. Fireworks collected (and Ferrari and huskies in carpark suitably drooled over) we hopped over to Leeds to have lunch with Dom & Hev (and introduce them to the Smalls) before driving home the scenic route via a couple of Caius’s childhood haunts.

Home safe, tired and happy. Weekend of awesomeness: Complete.

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