365 Project Week 25 ~ “Weather”


It was a cold, miserably grey walk to school this morning. The sort of day where you just want to curl back up underneath your duvet and wait for the sunshine to come back out.


Not a sign of the clouds breaking today but the hedges are ablaze with colour, making up for the dullness of the sky and the cold in the air.


Cold, still nights. Littered with leaves.



Beginning to wonder if all this grey is every going to end….


Finally a bit of sun today. Immediately makes the cold much more bearable.


Cold, crisp and beautiful today. Perfect for a bit of outside fun!


And down came the rain…


3 thoughts on “365 Project Week 25 ~ “Weather”

  1. The weather has changed so much the last few weeks, I’ve not known frost like this in October before. Love the picture of the children playing in the leaves, they can be so imaginative sometime, Autumn is a great time for them to get out and explore! Do come and link up with me on Country Kids please 🙂

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