365 Project

365 Project Week 28 ~ ‘Animals’


This is Arthur pretending to be a cat. His mouth is open because he is saying Meow. Repeatedly. Being a cat is currently one of his favourite things to do.

With the Smalls at their Dad’s, I took the opportunity to reorganise their bedroom – they have a lot of cuddly animals between them (and me, because half of the toys in this picture now I look at it are actually mine…)


I had today to myself because Caius was off collecting his stuff from Leeds ready for moving in here with me and the Smalls. I took advantage of not having him or the Smalls around and wrote nearly 5,000 words to catch up on NaNoWriMo, watched over as always by the multitude of wolves I have around the house.


The Smalls came home today and on discovery of their newly reorganised and tidy room, promptly emptied two boxes and sat in them. Arthur appropriately sat in the Monkey box, it suits him.


Tori got sent home from school early today because she wasn’t feeling very well but soon perked up once she’d had some quiet time.

After the Smalls were in bed Caius went to pick James up from the train station and we had a mini NaNoWriMo session before pratting around on the PlayStation for a bit.


I think between us Caius, James and I have eaten half a pig today – we munched our way through this pile of bacon and then had pork for dinner too! Was all very nommy though, even if I did manage to burn my wrist on the oven element when cooking tea.


James is heading home today so we went out for breakfast. Not before the kids had sat down and watched The Lion King though. Nothing like a good singsong before breakfast!

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