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365 Project Week 29 ~ ‘Clothes’


The Winter coats are out! There’s no denying it now. It’s blummin’ cold.


Started battling wit the pile of clean clothes that was almost as big as me today in my breaks between writing. Also rearranged so my warm clothes are near the top!!


Meet Noelle and Wendy Jean, childhood friends of my mother. We dropped in to see my parents today after picking up the kids and found ourselves redressing Mum’s dolls as they have all had to be washed after a mouse invasion whilst my parents were on holiday. I think it was supposed to be to entertain Tori but somehow Caius and I ended up doing it whilst she wandered off to do something else.


For some reason Arthur decided that he and Tori needed to wear their ear defenders this evening. They looked so funny running round in them even if they were shouting because they couldn’t hear themselves properly!


We’re going on holiday tomorrow!! Well, sort of. We’re off to visit Caius’s dad for the weekend – if the rain doesn’t stop play by sinking all the roads by then that is.


We dropped in on Meggy and Scott today to see their shiny new house (and them, of course) – Arthur is clearly not destined to join the Forces though – he tried Scott’s hat on but quickly removed it with a stubborn ‘no!’

In the evening Caius’s dad treated us to going to see a swan feed out on the (very flooded) Wash – the kids were a bit unsure about the dark hide but quite liked playing out in the puddles in to dark and rain. I’ve never seen so many swans and ducks in one place – it was amazing to watch.


Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. Arthur woke up full of beans, happily pottering round with his bottle of milk in an old t-shirt of mine demanding banana off anyone who moved. Tori wasn’t herself and complained that her stomach hurt and went back to sleep after breakfast which is unusual. Then when she woke up we headed off for a little walk to look at the floods in daylight and paddle on one of the flooded roads. Arthur loved it but Tori definitely wasn’t right because she cried whenever she was near a puddle. Normally she’s straight in there but today I had to carry her. Then we went back for lunch which Tori ate and then promptly threw back up all over me before going back to sleep. Then it was time to drive home – luckily there was no more sick on the way and the kids were happy to go to bed when we got back leaving me free to jump in the bath and feel clean for the first time since Tori puked down my front.

Here’s hoping tomorrow involves less vomit.

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