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365 Project Week 30 ~ ‘Food’

MONDAY:DSCF5501Tori is ill so she was off school today. We dropped the Smalls off with their Daddy and then crawled our way home and decided we were too tired and wiped out to cook and spoiled ourselves to a Chinese Takeaway. I thought about writing some more NaNoWriMo words, what with it being the end of November on Friday, but trying to focus on the screen for more than five minutes makes my head spin. I think Tori has infected me.


DSCF5503Playing NaNoWriMo catch up today. 5, 737 words done and my brain is mush. Luckily I got fed tasty treats by Caius as rewards throughout the day so I kept my energy up and didn’t give up, as I was often tempted to do.


DSCF5505Picked the Smalls up from Daddy’s today. Tori is still not right, pale and quiet and stuffed full of cold but she was fine enough to munch her way through a chocolate lollipop that Nannan treated her to. If she starts refusing chocolate, I may have to take her to A&E…


DSCF5510Tori off school again, she’s really not right.

NaNoWriMo panic happening today. I’ve spent half of the day asleep in bed with a temperature so my word count has suffered and I’m panicking and stressing over it. Caius bought us curry partly so that I didn’t have to cook and partly to see if we could burn out the illness with spice! I much appreciate the effort, even if I do still feel like I’m in an oven and my word count is still 2,090 words short. Not feeling wildly hopeful about hitting the final word count tomorrow.



I DID IT!!! NaNoWriMo is complete! Though I think there is still another 10,000 words or so left in the story before I can call it finished. Took Tori in to school this morning but they asked me to bring her straight back because she was so tired and snotty. A fair enough decision as she has basically just spaced out on the sofa all day, poor mite. Arthur is showing signs of the snottiness to now, and Caius. We are an unhealthy household.

I splashed out and made us all Toad in the Hole as a celebratory NaNo dinner and then English Folkfan was a complete star and came round to do the twilight watch so Caius and I could go to a friend’s birthday party. We needed the fresh air and company 🙂


DSCF5525Today was a fruit salad kind of day. With us all feeling a bit grotty, fruit was a nice easy way of giving us all a boost and making us feel better.  Quite enjoyed a whole day of not writing with no guilty feelings at all, I must confess. I went out for lunch with Liberty and read instead. Starting to feel a bit more human now, though Arthur and Caius are a bit worse for wear today. Tori is a little better but her face is so dry and flaky from wiping her nose all the time that she looks a bit like a clown.


DSCF5524Tori is MUCH better today. Still snotty but she ate all her breakfast and is now actually running around and playing for the first time since last Saturday. I am glad to have her back although I do miss the peace and quiet a bit! Arthur is under the weather today though – it’s barely mid-day and he is already down for a well-needed nap.  Fingers crossed all the sleep helps him burn it off faster than his sister.


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