365 Project

365 Project Week 31 ~ ‘Paper’


Pretty much everyone in the house is ill in some way or another. For once it was a total relief to hand the kids over to their Dad and come home to collapse with a book and not have to worry about soothing hot and bothered toddlers after coughing fits. We could get on with our own coughing in peace.



Ah, there’s nothing quite like christening your new printer with a million page long form….

It was Writer’s Club Open Mic Night tonight though, so I released a five minute snippet from my NaNoWriMo novel into the wild in celebration of my achievement. I think it went down fairly well. If not, the dinner we went for before hand was tasty enough to make up for it.


DSCF5566Tissues. Our house is brimming over with them at the minute and yet there still never seems to be one at hand when a snotty toddler runs past at forty miles an hour.



I sat down today and wrote out everything I had photographed and saved of Tori’s school diary for her Daddy. We managed to lose the original somehow and never got it back so I put pen to paper today and made a new one. It’s a long time since I hand wrote so much in one go – I had cramp at the end of it!



Today was probably lots of fun. I don’t really know because I spent most of it in bed with a fever.

By the time everyone else was ready to give up for the day though, I perked up and dragged myself into the kitchen to prepare some chocolate fudge for tomorrow’s Christmas Party at church.


DSCF5538This has been the first year where Tori has really tried to join in with the games at the Christmas Party. Even Arthur tried to get in on the action, though he didn’t have a clue what was going on most of the time. When Santa came to visit, Tori was very cute and gave him her balloon as a present.



Arthur has been a bit of a brat the last couple of days. Managed to calm him down today with a long walk and a few story sessions – interspersed with hair pulling, scratching and hitting. I really want to know where my lovely little boy has gone and why he has been replaced with this little devil – he’s not supposed to hit the terrible twos until March next year!!


2 thoughts on “365 Project Week 31 ~ ‘Paper’

  1. That is a really lovely set of photos, love the variety of intrepretations of paper throughout the week, and how they all show a different aspect of your daily life.

    Thanks for linking up.

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