365 Project

365 Project, Week 33 ~ ‘Red’



I dived in and made a batch of shortbread biscuits using a new recipe today and delivered them to all the other flats in our block as a Christmas present. I don’t even know half of their names but it felt nice leaving a little packet of biscuits and a card on each of their doorsteps as a surprise. I like to think it raised a smile or two.



Caius and I headed to Brum today to explore the Christmas market in honour of our ‘first date’ at about this time last year when we went to Leeds Christmas Market together. It was good fun exploring, browsing both the market and the shops in the Bullring and having a day of ‘us time’ without the Smalls. The lack of children didn’t stop us going on the big carousel at the market though, I hasten to add…



The wrapping began today whilst the kids were still at their Dad’s. Going to have to finish it up after they are in bed now. Really should have started earlier.



Tori LOVES wet weather on school days because she gets to take her brolly, wear her wellies (on the wrong feet) and put on her very smart red raincoat. I love it slightly less…



It was Tori’s Pre-school Nativity today, she was a very good Gabriel up until she spotted me and Nannan in the audience and ran off for a cuddle in the middle. I am a proud Mummy.



It’s nearly Christmas so I decided to glitz up and paint my nails (for possibly the third time total in 2012) – I did it as badly as usual but it looks quite pretty and I feel all festive now.



Nativity take two was today, at church this time. Then we headed over to my parents’ house for lunch and playtime before heading back home and putting two sleepy toddlers down for a nap. Now it’s time for me and Caius to get ready to head out for our Christmas Eve Eve celebrations with Liberty and the Boyfriend.


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