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My Resolutions for 2013

Last year, I didn’t make any resolutions because I was almost positive that if I did, then I would fail. Let’s face it, that’s the story most years and last year I was in a precarious place and setting myself up for a list of failures didn’t feel like a wise thing to do.

This year things are different. So different, in fact, that I will be making two sets of resolutions: Unofficial Writer’s Club Resolutions and Resolutions I Intend To Keep But Probably Won’t. The latter are going to be just general life things whilst the former will involve writing and reading. I suspect I will have more success in my UWC ones…

Unofficial Writer’s Club Resolutions

Last week we held our final UWC of 2012 (‘we’ being Liberty, Caius, Taylor , Apollo and me) and spent it discussing our plans and aspirations for the coming year. Our ‘Resolutions’. It is our first meeting of the year tonight so fingers crossed we all start well by at least keeping our first resolution: Write a blog post about our resolutions.

My other UWC Resolutions are:

– Finish the first draft of Faerie Or No by the end of January. After November’s barrage of words December was a complete lull on the FoN front – I just couldn’t bear to look at it half the time. Now after a break and the madness of Christmas I feel ready to pick it back up and finish it off.

– Edit FoN and proof-read/help to edit Liberty’s project through February to April

– Self-publish a project as an e-book

– Submit a project to a publisher

– Write a short story collection of 10 stories (Paranormal/Mythological/Horror)

– Rescue, rewrite and finish my ‘Lexi and Beryl’ story (Mum will be pleased to see that one here, I’m sure)

– Write a story just for Tori and Arthur, starring their favourite toys

– Read 52 books in the year (one a week on average)

– Write a 100 word review for every book I read

– Read and write a full review of at least one self-published book a month

– Buy and read the following books: Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore, The First Confessor by Terry Goodkind, Ever After by Kim Harrison and The Order of the Scales by Stephen Deas. (These are going to be rewards for completing other Resolutions)

– Buy and read at least one graphic novel in 2013

Resolutions I Intend To Keep But Probably Won’t

These are going to be the fun ones, the ones that everyone makes every year, keeps up for about a week (if you’re lucky) and then forgets existed. Wish me luck!

The first few are actually tasks on my DayZero list that I haven’t done yet:

– Cook every recipe in the My Daddy Cooks book

– Finish the CareBear cross-stitch for Tori that I started before she was even born

– Come up with a keep-fit regime of sorts and stick to it for at least a month

The others are just random things that would be good if I could make them habits…

– Make sure the dining table is clean and clear at the end of every day

– Keep the kitchen surfaces tidy

– Take the kids on walks to the canal at least twice a month

Oh, and the last one –


(I have a feeling that last one is going to be the most successful – if I fail at something I am just as likely to blog about it as I am if I succeed.)

So there you have it – my ideals for 2013. How about you – have you got any resolutions or goals for the coming year? Reckon you’ll keep them past January?



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