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Project 365, Week 40 ~ ‘Movement’

This week was HARD – not because of my theme but just because I seem to be running out of 365 Project steam a bit. Not all that surprising considering I am on the 40th week of my second year of the project, I suppose, but still – it has been an effort this week.



It was only as we walked (or, in her case, ran) home from school this afternoon that I realised just how much red I had dressed Tori in. Good job it suits her!



Water is fascinating, just a shame it sometimes results in having to wash up after you watch it…



Watching Arthur play, I was very pleased there were no people on his toy bus as he made it do forward rolls along the sofa.



Trying to make myself less podgy is involving me developing a new relationship with the WiiFit. Some days it is a very grudging relationship, I must confess.



Almost wasn’t quick enough to catch this Buzzard on camera as it swooped past!



Nothing beats a muddy walk along the canal towpath to feed the ducks on a chilly Saturday afternoon 🙂



I needed to let off some steam this morning – so off I went in the freezing cold rain. Felt good up until the point where I got home and realised just how chilly and muddy I was!

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5 thoughts on “Project 365, Week 40 ~ ‘Movement’

  1. Looks like a busy week. Interesting doing the photo’s by theme, hadn’t thought of doing it that way. I begrudgingly set up my wii the other day but haven’t managed to um get on it yet!!


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