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Happy Birthday, Arthur Harry!

Would you believe it? My ‘baby’ is two years old today. Yes, two. Already.

I have no idea how this has happened. About five minutes ago he looked like this:

May 2011 086

And now he’s all:

There’s no way of getting round it now, he’s not a baby any longer – he is very definitely a toddler. A small boy with a big presence (especially when he’s in your bed taking up far more space than he physcially should be able to) and a bold personality.

He has a big voice and a tendancy to throw tantrums when things don’t go his way, he has the most beautiful brown eyes that melt your heart and the biggest, cheekiest smile that makes you falter when you’re trying to tell him off. He loves cuddles, his favourite teddy, his bolshy big sister and Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves cars and can often be heard on car journeys shouting ‘Fast! Fast!’ from the back seat whenever we accelerate, no matter how tamely. He likes to ‘help’ and often brings our shoes to us as soon as going out is mentioned (sometimes he brings every pair of shoes he can find and looks very pleased with himself when you turn round to discover you are standing next to every shoe you own).

Every day he learns something new – words, things he can reach, things he shouldn’t touch, every day he tests his boundaries and our patience and every day I am a little more proud of the person he is becoming.


Love you always xx

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