365 Project

365 Project, Week 44 ~ ‘White & Black’

Very tempting just to switch my camera function to ‘Black & White’ setting for this week. Did my best to resist though!



Arthur’s birthday panda is becoming a very popular member of the family. Although Tori has called it ‘Boob’ for no reason we can work out…



Spent 4 hours of today in A&E. Very glad I had my Kindle to hand to keep me entertained and distracted from the pain!



Today involved learning to do EVERYTHING round my new fat (and leaky) finger… I’m mostly useless for everything now, aside from typing which I seem to be quite good at left-handed.



Tonight Caius made the meal I was vaguely attempting on Tuesday. With less human bits in, luckily.



New dressing – actually put on yesterday and look! – no blood! It still really hurts and throbs and I have the added fun of epic heat rash over basically all of my upper body so Nurofen is currently my best friend.



Caius is an AppleBaby and I am not. However, our laptops show we have lots on common despite this technological gulf – STICKER ALL THE THINGS!



Today was also my big sister’s birthday and she and her husband came up for a ‘surprise’ visit. (It would have been more of a surprise if Nad hadn’t accidentally told my Mum about it on the phone…) We all went round to Mum’s for a family Sunday dinner, birthday presents and the usual giggling that goes on when we get together. Today’s picture is of Nad being instructed on how to ride Shadow by Tori. This particularly mades me smile because Shadow is one of my toys from when I was little and I love how Tori likes to  play with him too.
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