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365 Project, Week 49 ~ ‘Sparkles and Glitter’


DSCF7326More messy play today. Play-Doh, pasta shapes, glittery stars and lots of imagination = hours of fun!


DSCF7358Decided I fancied painting my nails for the first time in ages today but couldn’t decide what colour to do… so I used three!


DSCF7359Caius misplaced my Easter present – he bought it so far in advance that he lost it by the time Easter arrived. However, it was well worth the wait when he located it today. A necklace that sums up one of the most heartbreaking love stories ever told and shows me to be one of the original Harry Potter era – the ones who were the same age through the books (until she skipped a year). I love it so much!


DSCF7362Arthur has taken to carrying his Thomas trains around in Tori’ Disney Princesses handbag tin. It is very cute watching him toddle round with his pink handbag!


DSCF7373There are lots of events coming up that require the giving of cards so I let the Smalls lose with their craft kits to get creative and make some unique inventions.


DSCF7383Glittery fun shaped ice cubes for our messy play games… that Caius accidentally almost put in his drink tonight. I was a little disappointed that he noticed and didn’t have to drink a sparkly drink.


DSCF7395We have some sparkle in every day of our lives thanks to our fish who have permanent tinsel round their tank. It brightens up their corner of the room and gives their tank an extra twinkle.

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