365 Project

365 Project, Week 50 ~ ‘Shadows’


The sun came out enough to play outside today and look – the kids have shadows to prove it! Although Arthur’s huge coat and turned up fluffy hood show just how not warm it was!



With the Smalls at their father’s, Caius and I took advantage of the freedom and nice weather and went for an evening walk and flew a kite on the local school field in the very blustery sunshine. On the plus side, the wind was at least warm!



We dropped in on my parents today to give them their Ruby Wedding Anniversary present. It’s not actually their anniversary until Sunday but between us we are all away at times that mean we wouldn’t see them until well after the event if we waited to drop it off closer to the time.





We were happily eating dinner when a large shadow flew down and landed on our birdfeeder. It was not the first bird we were expecting to see on it, that’s for sure! (Juv. Sparrowhawk)


DSCF7443Caius and I travelled to London today ready for our marshalling duties at the London Marathon tomorrow and this little chap was sat outside my hotel room window and made me smile.



There is nothing like Marathon day in London, especially when you are priviledged enough to be a part of it yourself.  We helped with both the Mini Marathon and the main race and as always, it was a day to remember.

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