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365 Project, Week 52! ~ ‘Endings’

Well, this is it – my last week. I have just looked back at Week One and was slightly amazed to see that it all began with the week where I got the keys to the flat I’m in now, the week two of our friends got engaged and Arthur was TINY and just learning to walk.

Hard to believe it was a year ago – feels both forever ago and just yesterday. How things change.

Overall it has been a good year indeed, obviously with ups and downs, but I feel good at the end of it. There have been weddings, injuries, milestones, tears, laughter and lots and lots of family times.

I’m not going to do another 365 now – I’ve done two in a row and feel I need a bit of a break from the relentlessness of it, however I am going to do a Project 52 instead. I’ll post just one photo on the Sunday, a favourite from my week. (I say just one, I bet some weeks there will be more.) I can’t give it up entirely, I’d be lost!

Anyway, on to this week…



This is generally a sign that says ‘end of procrastination, go do the housework.’ I know I am not alone in this. And I blummin’ hate level 110.



Today was the last day of NaPoWriMo so I wrote a poem about things ending. It’s a first draft, just like the other 29 I have written this month but it’s there. I feel a bit of a sense of achievement in completing the challenge but mostly I’m just glad it is over.



All gone! 😦



YAAAYYY!! Go Natalie!!



The baby of the family is not really a baby any more. End of an era – we are no longer a household with a baby and a toddler but a toddler and a pre-schooler.



I got up at 03.45 today. Really. By half past four, my parents and I were up at Fordhall Farm ready to set off on a Dawn Chorus walk. It was really lovely, strolling across the fields, through woodland and along the river as the sun rose and the birds woke up. By birds I mostly mean blackbirds, wrens and great-tits but there were plenty of others both to hear and see. It was all rounded off with a much needed and appreciated cooked breakfast of farm sausages, bacon, black pudding and eggs with toast, mushrooms and tomatoes. Yummy! Trouble is, I will be ready for bed by about 11.30am at this rate…



Thank you everyone for all your comments over the last year, especially to The Boy And Me for all her support through the weeks I was ready to give it all up, to Tori and Arthur for being willing models all the time and to Caius for putting up with me running round with a loon trying to find things to match my random themes every week. You are all awesome 🙂
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4 thoughts on “365 Project, Week 52! ~ ‘Endings’

  1. Well done on completing two years I am not surprised you will take a break from daily posting. Sugar crush is too damn addictive isn’t it??
    Love the last photo x

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