Project 52

Project 52, Week 1

After finishing my 365 Project, I have decided that I’m going to take up a 52 instead. Slightly less pressure but more decision making – choosing just one photo a week is going to be a toughie!

This week I have decided on the following picture for the simple reason that it is hilarious.

We had been out for lunch and were letting the kids have a quick play on the activity set outside the pub. It felt like it was going to be stormy, warm and sticky with that damp charged smell in the air. All of that combined with lots of turns on the slide had a very amusing effect on Tori’s hair…

DSCF7728 (1024x768)

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(Just as a point of interest, not only is this my first Project 52 post, it is also my 1,000th blog post here on CFHW. Wowee!)

9 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 1

  1. Well done on your 1000th post!!
    The hair is funny. I have a similar piccie on mine with grandson over brushing his hair!

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