Project 52

Project 52, Week 4

We decided to go away for a quick break this half-term. Two nights in a bog-standard, slightly grubby, service station Travelodge in Wales. It was actually really good – the room was just fine as a base to sleep in and leave our stuff. It would have been rubbish if we’d had to spend any real time there – the TV had no signal, you could practically hear people in the adjoining rooms if they breathed too loudly and the sofa bed was a bit worse for wear – but for what we needed, it was just fine. And the kids LOVED sitting in this cupboard!

We had a very busy day exploring the Isle of Anglesey and Holyhead. We found a lighthouse, climbed to the top of a mountain (we started almost at the top to be honest but the bit we climbed was very steep and rocky and a challenge for the Smalls), played on a beach (Arthur’s first visit to sand and sea since he was a babe in arms), visited the Sea Zoo, watched mad people kite surfing, sat at the bottom of the RAF Valley runway and watched jets, a big prop plane and a helicopter come and go, visited Beaumaris Castle, the kids played on a bouncy castle, played at a park and saw lots of beautiful places in the sunshine.

Day two was less fun as Caius was ill so instead of another busy day followed by home and a visit from a friend we drove slowly home the pretty way, called off our visitor and fell into bed. The day we had was fantastic though and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Just wish it hadn’t ended with such a high temperature-d boyfriend 😦

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