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Project 52, Week 6


This weekend was the annual Camp Out run by my church’s Junior Church. We all head off up to the top field of one of the JC leader’s farm for a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon camp.

By ‘all’ I mean the JC members, their parents, the JC leaders, a few random friends and family members, neighbouring farmers and their kids and any other church goers that fancy it. Some people just pop up to visit during the day and don’t stop over – it’s a real family holiday atmosphere all the way through.

It’s great fun to get together and relax, take part in silly activities, enjoy the big outdoors, climb on homemade obstacle courses, sing round the campfire and eat too much food as well as share in our faith together.

It was Tori and Arthur’s first time sleeping in a tent together on their own and what a night to kick off their camping life – gale-like gusts of wind and torrential rain. They slept through it all – they are clearly made of the right stuff for outdoor adventures!

They have both revelled in the freedom of having a huge field to explore, other children to boss about play with, tractors and trailers to scramble on and new things to explore. Arthur’s talking has come on in leaps and bounds as he has found himself trying to communicate with people who aren’t as tuned in to his funny toddler-english as we are.

They both found new confidence in asking people for help other than Caius and I or my parents and by the end of the weekend they had both made friends with Kes the farm dog who previously had them both quaking in fear (and screaming and running away in Arthur’s case) whenever she looked vaguely in their direction. Little steps that I hope will make a big impression.

All home now and ready for long baths and early nights before back to reality tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 6

  1. Look at their dear little faces from inside that tent! The pictures say it all, they clearly loved their adventure and well done them for sleeping through all the gales and rain! A wonderful linkup for Country Kids.

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