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End of an Era

Back in September, I went in to the local Pre-school to sign Tori up for starting in January.

A week later she started two and a half days a week straight off because they had spaces then and there!

It was a bit of a shock but it all went pretty smoothly – she slept brilliantly for the first few weeks, she was so worn out by the excitement.

She effectively potty-trained in the space of two weeks and quickly became more confident and self-assured – she was happy.

Then last week rolled round and suddenly we were at her end of year concert watching her sing songs and receive her leaver’s medal and scrap book and it sank in that she only had one half-day left as a preschooler.

Monday rolled round and then Tori was saying goodbye, hugging her teachers and waving as she walked out – not a preschooler anymore but a bolshy four-year-old ready to start Reception after the summer.

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