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365 Project 2014, Week 5

j26There are a couple of DIY jobs about the house that I have wanted to get done for aaaaages. Today they got done. YAY!

j27Arthur tested out Tori’s carseat for size today – it’s time for him to move on from his giant Stage 1 seat now. The family baby is definitely not a baby any longer.

j28I was good and had a session on the WiiFit this morning – which totally negates the homemade flapjack I consumed later, right?

j29Arthur wanted green cake for pudding. Tori wanted chocolate. We made green-and-chocolate-marble-cake for pudding so everyone was happy. It was the first time I let the kids loose with my Christmas present and once they got over the shock of it moving and making noise (they ran away) they were fascinated.

j30Tori suddenly got gunky eyes yesterday afternoon and after a trip to the chemist before school we brought home these ‘Infected Eye Drops’ which Tori hates.

j31Randomly today Arthur decided he wanted to do a jigsaw, then he wanted to another one, and another one. Then we ran out and had to do them all again. We need to buy more jigsaws.

f32As if conjunctivitis wasn’t enough fun for Tori Tiger she came home from school yesterday with Chicken Pox. We are such a healthy household.

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18 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 5

  1. firstly yum at the flapjack ! secondly, i am so sorry that Tori has been so unwell 😦 i hope no one else comes down with it. xx


  2. When they go jigsaw mad, it’s difficult to keep up with them,. H was a jigsaw monster at that age, but hardly does them now. Does loads of building instead.


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