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365 Project 2014, Week 6

f33Tori is feeling very sorry for herself today and I can’t blame her – spots are practically forming in front of my eyes!

f34Arthur isn’t feeling too bright today either so I have them both off school. The plus side of this is that they are playing more calmly together than I have ever seen before!

f35My parents came over today to give me a bit of company and visit the sickly ones. They brought presents for all of us and pizza for lunch – Tori loves her new dress. She is definitely feeling a bit brighter today.

f36I had planned a lazy TV day for us today but the inclement weather put paid to that by messing up the TV signal. So we hit the DVD collection instead and watched this little lot!

f37Tori is back to her normal self, if a little tired, and all her spots are scabbed over so we sat down and did her homework and spelling from school, ready for her to go back tomorrow.

f38I made carrot cake for the first time ever today. I have never made it before because I don’t really like it but everyone else does so I gave it a go.

f39We went round to QWERTY Mum‘s house today for a craft party – the kids all had a great time making pretty boxes and then playing together. It was nice to be out of the house for me too after a week of being stuck home with sick people!!

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8 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 6

  1. boooo to the chicken pox but she still makes a very pretty princess. and your carrot cake looks delish – i made a carrot cake too thus week. figured it has some veg in so a bit healthier lol xx


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