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365 Project 2014, Week 7

f40I deleted this off my phone months and months ago when I got stuck but suddenly got an urge to redownload it today. Now I am addicted again.

f41I hit my weight-loss target for the fortnight so I got to go get my reward today – a new set of pretty chopping boards!!

f42I had an appointment to go give blood today but as ever when it is cold, my veins didn’t co-operate. Whenever I try to go in Winter it snows, so this time I have been officially advised to only go in Summertime. Fair-weather blood donor, that’s me.

f43I randomly decided to make strawberry, white chocolate & marshmallow cake today. Inside of the cake is a red sponge star surrounded by white sponge running all through the cake – I was very chuffed that it worked! 

f44I started today by fainting and carried it on with throwing up and then just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. The only thing i could keep down was a tiny bit of water.

f45Tori came home from school not only with a new book she has been given as a reward for doing lots of reading at home but also with this shiny certificate to say she has been Star of the Week! She has brought home Sarah the class doll for Half-Term adventures too.

f46The Chicken Pox is back. Arthur this time, he is sad 😦

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5 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 7

  1. oh no! We have the pox too – hope on the up now and that Sarah the doll still had some adventure! I have never played Candy Crush…Bravo on the weightloss. Hope you are feeling better too – tough week!


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