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365 Project 2014, Week 8

f47Tori went off to a birthday party today in a new dress, cardigan and shoes and came back super cheerful, face painted and dotted with temporary tattoos.

f48Caius managed to break the kitchen by dropping an empty Martini Rossado bottle. No, I don’t know either – and yes he was sober.

f49The Smalls went to their Dad’s yesterday evening and left Caius and I without any supervision so we went shopping… bought onesies and drank pink cava. As you do.

f50We went out for lunch with our best friends today – it was nice to have a grown ups only meal out and not have to worry about getting back to relieve a babysitter for a change.

f51Arthur got a special parcel in the post from the team at the Preston branch of Lush who had seen his poxy plight on Twitter and taken pity on his sad little face. In his parcel was this magical stuff which not only did he love plastering it all over himself wherever he was itchy/could reach, it helped him get a proper, settled night’s sleep and left his skin lovely and soft afterwards.  Big thank you from him and me and from Tori for her beautiful book that they sent for her too 🙂

f52The Smalls finally felt well enough between them to really play together and spent ages being silly with each other in English Folkfan’s garden and the patio doors.

f53It is Arthur’s birthday next Saturday (Nooooo!) and as an early treat we headed off to Llangollen for a Day Out with Thomas which was fantastic fun for all of us, not just the almost-birthday boy.

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5 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 8

  1. I love the cheeky Lush cream photo, so glorious and innocent. Tori looks ace in her party outfit, the shoes are so fab.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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