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365 Project 2014, Week 9

f54Caius and I are rewatching ‘new’ Doctor Who, we have watched all of Ecclestone’s episodes and tonight we watched a couple more of Tennant’s, including one of our favourites – The Girl In The Fireplace. And yes, I cried. Again.

f55Today should have been back to school day after half term but Tori spent all night and morning throwing up so she is at home. We spent the time whilst Arthur was at Pre-school doing some quiet sticker play together in a review book that conveniently arrived in the post!

f56Tori has been feeling a little better today so after we picked Arthur up from Pre-school at lunch time we headed to the park to make the most of the sunshine and get some fresh air. Whilst we were there ‘Park Cat’ came over for a fuss and a cuddle. S/he is almost always at this park when we visit and is very friendly and patient with the Smalls.

f57I made these for English Folkfan as a thank you for helping so much whilst the Smalls are sick. It makes such a massive difference just having one less thing to worry about – like washing all the bed linen and getting it dry again.

f58Tori went back to school today but we forgot her Forest School kit so Arthur and I had to walk back in and drop it off – we set off in glorious Spring sunshine and then got pelted with hail and whipping winds, which then went back into sunshine. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the day!

f59It is Arthur’s birthday tomorrow and I am seriously hoping that he is going to be back on his feet (he caught Tori’s sick bug) so that he can enjoy it. A while back he said that he wanted a round chocolate cake with pink icing and sprinkles for his birthday so I hope this will cheer him up and he will like it!

m60Arthur seems to be back on his feet, if a little tired, and was certainly very pleased with his pile of presents. He has been very spoilt in the Thomas the Tank Engine department – that’s for certain!

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